Curb the Crisis is dedicated to helping Virginia recover from the current crisis in the overuse, misuse and overdose of opioids. The Opioid crisis is causing tragic consequences for Virginia families and communities. But we are learning more and more about the nature of addiction and the pathways to recovery, and most importantly how to get help to those who need it.

The Curb the Crisis website is designed to get help to those suffering from addiction, support those who are in recovery, and provide resources to increase everyone’s knowledge and understanding of addiction and treatment.

Curb the Crisis provides an overview of the different approaches to treatment, including medication assisted treatment, to aid in understanding how the disease of addiction can be treated. By sharing resources for family and friends, first responders, and medical providers we are helping Virginia take the necessary steps to help overcome the Virginia opioid addiction crisis.

Find out where you and your loved ones can get treatment in Virginia.