Campaign Strategy

In 2017, Virginia’s opioid response campaign was named “Curb the Crisis” after a stakeholder-based survey was conducted to suggest renaming the site from Curb the Crisis speaks to the three prongs of Virginia’s opioid epidemic – prevention, treatment and recovery. The term “curb” is a cultural euphemism for stopping or slowing down. Virginia is committed to stopping opioid deaths through prevention (education), treatment (resource awareness) and recovery (process support and options).

The campaign branding was selected as goldenrod orange in reference to the popular pill bottle color. The black and white realism photos highlight the seriousness of this epidemic.

The website wireframe was developed using American JPH Practice journal article, “Development of a Statewide, Publicly Accessible Drug Overdose Surveillance and Information System” by Marshall et al. 2017. This article features the research and results from Rhode Island’s website.